11800031_10155919746875026_815824553369871220_nWelcome to Cook it or Book it! I’m so excited/nervous about this blog.  Like most people I love food.  All sorts of food.  All the time.  Living in D.C has been blessing/curse when it comes to dinning.  In recent years the city has seen a culinary explosion.  Restaurants have been popping up all over the capital and some of the most world renowned chefs are finding new and creative ways to becoming the latest “hotspot” on the D.C foodies scene.  

But like I said, it’s been a blessing and a curse.  As the creativity in D.C restaurants continues to climb, I’m often torn between booking reservations as fast as my fingers can type or taking the time to grocery shop, meal prep and cooking a similar recipe.  For the most part I think the call of the restaurant is powered by two separate factors
1. Social gatherings now rely heavily on meeting up at a restaurant for “dinner and drinks”.
2.  I don’t have the confidence to create the dishes that I’m willing to wait in line hours for. 

I will preface this blog with a warning that I have absolutely no professional cooking experience (unless you count the one semester I had of Home Econ in high school).  Also, I was not raised around a family of “at home chefs”.  Take out was the main staple of our meals.  I developed my growing curiosity and interest in cooking as I realized how hard it was to keep both my wallet and body in decent shape.  Sooner or later I realized that spending time in the kitchen can be fun and thus started my adventure in the culinary arts.

That being said, I still love experimenting in the D.C food scene and I’m a sucker for any quality restaurants in the area. That is where Cook it or Book it comes in.  Can an every day girl cook restaurant quality dishes with no previous culinary experience? Each week we try cooking at home versus booking a reservation.  Not only will I review the restaurant but I will review a recipe from a cookbook or website then decide.  Should I cook it or book it?